Chocolate Ladoo Ingredients:

  • Chocolate Pastry – 2 pieces (or chocolate cake)
  • Chocolate Sauce – 2 tablespoons
  • Cashews – 7 to 8, half chopped (to garnish)
  • Almonds – 7 to 8, finely chopped
  • Chocolate Chips – 2 teaspoons

How to make Instant Sweet Chocolate Ladoo at Home:

chocolate ladoo image, how to make chocolate ladoo

Chocolate Ladoo Instructions:

To read Chocolate Laddu Recipe in Hindi: Click Here

  1. In a plate or vessel mash the chocolate pastry with the help of a fork.
  2. Mix chocolate sauce, finely chopped almonds and chocolate chips in mashed chocolate pastry. (Do not kneel)
  3. Take a little mixture and shape the ladoo with soft hands.
  4. Decorate chocolate ladoos with half-chopped cashews and serve.
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